Iowa man collects two $75,000 lottery prizes after previously winning $200,000

An Iowa man collected two $75,000 lottery prizes from a single Pick 4 drawing after collecting $200,000 worth of prizes in 2014.

Wiley Tuley, of Cedar Rapids, told Iowa Lottery officials he purchased multiple plays of differing amounts involving different types of bets for the Oct. 6 Pick 4 drawing when he visited the Kwik Star store in Cedar Rapids.

Tuley ended up winning two $75,000 prizes when one of his plays matched all four numbers in the exact order: 7-3-2-5. He collected one prize Oct. 7, and initially planned to wait for the new year to collect the other half, but he ended up visiting lottery headquarters for the rest of his winnings this week.

Tuley previously won 42 Pick 4 prizes totaling $200,000 in 2014.

“It feels just as good,” he said. “I think I was more surprised this time than I was last time. I looked at it and [said], ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’ I was very happy.”