You won’t find a better price on a Babbel subscription this year

Chances are, when it comes to language, you spend most of your time contemplating how to leverage NLP for your business or choosing a side in the Java vs Python debate. But this is the moment to pivot your focus to spoken language, because one of the most successful language-learning apps in the world, Babbel, is 64% off for Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Perfect for learners of any level, this 4.6-star- and 4.5-star-rated app (App Store and Google Play Store, respectively) can have you speaking confidently in another language in just a month.

For $179, you can join over 10 million students and secure a lifetime subscription to Babbel, so you can study 14 different languages, including Portuguese, German, Italian, Turkish, and Indonesian, at whatever pace works for you.

There are obvious benefits to learning a second language, like forming deeper connections with more people, keeping your brain active, and making foreign travel infinitely easier, but the less obvious ones are worth noting.

For one, learning a new language can actually make you better at communicating in your first language, which is handy in everyday life. Second, it can strengthen your decision-making, and that’s something you can use to succeed at work. Not to mention that bilingual job opportunities are on the rise, so having another non-tech language under your belt can help you find a better position in your field or change careers entirely.

With Babbel, you’ll get short 10–15 minute lessons that are easy to fit into your busy day. Normally $499, new users can get a lifetime subscription for only $179, for a limited time.

Developed by over 100 expert linguists, the lessons cover topics that are applicable in the real world and use speech recognition tech to ensure you’re saying words with the right inflection. So instead of memorizing vocabulary lists and repeating conjugations until you die of boredom, you’ll learn how to hold conversations around travel, family, business, shopping, food, and more.

Prices subject to change.